We Take Care Of The Alligators!

As the old cliché goes: ‘When you’re up to your rear-end in alligators, it’s hard to remember that the main objective is to drain the swamp!’ Well, we take care of the alligators! BIS (Britannia International Services) does those tasks that allow you to achieve your main objective. We are a true service company!

BIS is a facilitator - someone who makes progress easier. We provide the management expertise to supply construction camps, buildings, equipment, logistics, maintenance, and other support services for an assortment of projects around the world.

The industries covered by these projects include oil, gas and energy; petrochemical; mining; engineering and construction; and vacation, as well as humanitarian relief projects and military operations.

Each contract is unique. We provide services that fit a client’s requirements. These services include: facilities design, construction and installation; catering; housekeeping and laundry; medical; procurement and logistics; light and heavy maintenance; plant operation; grounds maintenance; waste management; communications; transportation; manpower; travel; warehousing; administration; and security. This list is just an example of the variety of services available.

Through our international network of associates and suppliers, we specialize in remote-site infrastructure projects, such as turnkey camps and general services contracts, particularly those involving heavy maintenance and light construction, utilizing existing third-party expertise.

BISremote is an invaluable resource available to assist operations worldwide with multi-service projects. We respond quickly. We ensure competitive pricing. We can ‘bundle’ services to offer a complete package. We have a broad supply base.

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